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tramBudapest Public Transport (BKV): Budapest has a well-developed transportation network. Buses, trams, trolley buses, three underground lines and exceptionally popular ships are also part of the of the network. Tickets and weekly or monthly passes for public transport in Budapest can be purchased at underground stations, tobacconists’ and most newsagents’. BKV Information

Railway (MÁV): There are three major railway stations in Budapest - Western (Nyugati), Eastern (Keleti) and Southern (Déli) - as well as some smaller stations, so the cities and towns in the country are easily accessible by train. Tickets can be purchased at the ticket offices of railway stations or on the internet. MÁV Information

Coach (Volánbusz): About 500 scheduled coach services are available from Budapest to various parts of the country. Tickets can be purchased at ticket offices, on the internet or from the driver of the coach at the time of departure. Volánbusz Information

Accommodation: On the long term, it is advised to rent a flat in Budapest with friends. We help our students in their search for accommodation, so that they can find the most appropriate and comfortable place to live.

Tip: In restaurants, bars and pubs the tip is 10% unless a service fee has already been added to the bill. It is always advisable to check the bill first then pay.

Time: Budapest is in the Central European Time Zone. So we are one hour ahead of Greenwich Mean Time.

Weather: Budapest has a temperate continental climate. Seasons are usually well defined, July and August are the hottest months with December and January being the coldest.

Telephone: International telephone prefix for Hungary is 36, area code for Budapest is 1. To call a number within Hungary, first dial 06, followed by the area code and the telephone number. Budapest telephone numbers have seven digits, all other areas have six digits (excluding the area code in both cases). To make an international call from Hungary, first dial 00, then the country code followed by the area code and the subscriber’s telephone number. To call a (Hungarian) cell phone, first dial 06, followed by the subscriber’s nine-digit number (starting with either 20-, 30- or 70-, depending on which of the 3 mobile providers have issued the number).

24-hour Pharmacies: on the Pest side: Teréz körút 41, H-1067 Budapest (+36 1 311 4439), on the Buda side: Alkotás út 1/B, H-1123 Budapest (+36 1 355 4691)

Ambulance: In case of a medical emergency dial +36 1 311 1666 for an English or German speaker, or 104 for Hungarian.

Police: Dial +36 1 438 8080 for an English or German speaker, or dial 107 to file a report with the local police department.

Fire: Dial 105 to file a report an emergency with the local fire department.

All emergency services can be reached by dialing 112.

Electric voltage: 220 volts, and the plugs are of the two-pin continental type.

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