Dr. Mike Danilovic, Professor of Industrial Management keeps a ONE-HOUR SEMINAR about the Innovation China Program to our students.

Topic:  Explore Career, Business, and Study Abroad Opportunities in Shanghai

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Mike Danilovic, Professor of Industrial Management

Date:     17th May 2024

Time:     3:30pm                                                                                     

Venue: Room 7

Are you contemplating making an international career or experiencing international education? Studying abroad can be transformative, offering unique insights, expanding your experiences, creating a vital network, and providing lifelong opportunities. If you haven’t considered China your study destination, let us introduce you to Shanghai's vibrant business and academic experience.

Chinese industry and business have a strong foothold in Hungary, creating strategic opportunities for students in careers and business worldwide. However, to be successful, you need to know how to work in and with Chinese companies and have a basic knowledge of the Chinese language and culture.

Why study in China? China has emerged as a global leader in technology, innovation, modern industry, and international business. With extensive research, publications, and patents, it stands at the forefront of strategic technology areas. Shanghai embodies this dynamic spirit, making it an ideal choice for ambitious learners.

Shanghai - Your gateway to China.  SDJU is located at the heart of the Lingang Pilot Free Trade Zone, home to over 10,000 high-tech enterprises (more than 3,300 international companies, including the Tesla super factory), and the world's largest deep-water port. Our Innovation China program offers a distinctive blend of academic excellence, practical technology and business experience, and cultural immersion. Here’s what sets us apart:

Shanghai’s Splendor: Professor Mike Danilovic, an international professional academician, describes Shanghai as “One of the largest and most beautiful, fancy, dynamic, vivid, vibrant, clean, and safe cities in the world.” Experience its allure firsthand! Only through your experience will you understand the dynamics of technology and the business frontline.  

Upcoming Opportunities: Welcome to join us at our ONE-HOUR SEMINAR to explore the Innovation China Program with Shanghai DianJi University. Don’t miss this chance to learn and maybe shape your future!

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