Another happy social event: Halloween Night Party at Wekerle Business School

Following the successful Freshie Evening last month, another popular event was organized for our local and international students on Friday, October 27, to herald the exciting Halloween celebrations.

In Hungary, the period around Halloween is basically a time of quiet commemoration. All Saints’ Day (November 1) and All Souls’ Day (November 2) are Christian holidays that are celebrated by visiting cemeteries and commemorating dead relatives. However, just like Valentine’s Day or Santa Clause, international trends represented by movies and magazines have widely popularized Halloween, and nowadays quite many people celebrate it by throwing costume parties, carving pumpkins and having fun.

That is precisely what we did. Enthusiastic young members of the college staff and activists of the Students’ Self-Administration Committee started the preparations well in time for the Halloween party. Funny requisites such as bat-shaped garlands and thematic holiday sweets and snacks were purchased; scary sound and lighting equipment was installed at the canteen, which was a most suitable place situated in the basement of the school  in a real maze of intentionally dimmed corridors.

Brave volunteers had the chance to put on special holiday make-up and paints. Girls wore mostly black for the occasion although, to be honest, that colour is quite in fashion anyway in the streets of Budapest these days. The students, who came to the party in great numbers, were enjoying themselves chatting, eating and drinking, and playing new board games in the room.

With dark winter days arriving soon, the Halloween party was a great opening event prior to the festive season of December.

You are invited to watch our short video and the photos that we took during the event.

Happy Halloween everyone!

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