What to Submit for Visa Application

In order to initiate the visa procedure, please visit the following website, which will provide you all-encompassing information on how to apply for a visa.


Visa procedures might vary from one another in each country. It is in your best interest to inquire with the nearest embassy / consular section of Hungary about the precise steps of applying for a student visa.

You can find detailed information and guidance on the required documents of your visa-application package in the school's Neptun system (902 - "D"-Visa Application Form), which will be availbale for you after a proper registration for a WBS programme. However, if you have any questions concerning these documents, you are recommended to turn to your agent, or directly to the school at an early stage of your application process:


This way you will have more time to prepare the required documents with an appropriate form and content both for the Legal Assistance at WBS and for the Visa Interview at the Consulate.

Please note, that according to Hungarian law, you will need to apply for a student visa (a ‘D’ visa in other words) and for a residence permit for the purpose of study. Please, find HERE a sample list of the supporting documents you will need to submit together with your visa application form and its respective appendix.

A residence permit for the purpose of study for Hungary may be issued to a third-country national:

  • who has been admitted to or accepted by a public education institution registered in the public education information system for pursuing a full-time or a daytime course of study in the regular school system in a student status in Hungary;
  • who is pursuing full-time education and training or a full-time foundation programme in a state-recognised institution of higher education in Hungary, or in a foreign higher education institution authorised to operate in the territory of Hungary;
  • who is able to certify the linguistic competences required for the pursuit of studies;
  • who is able to prove that public education fees or the fees charged by the higher education institution have been paid;
  • who has a valid travel document;
  • who is in possession of the necessary permits for return or continued travel;
  • who is able to verify the purpose of his/her entry and residence;
  • who has sufficient means of subsistence and financial resources to cover his/her accommodation costs for the duration of the intended stay and for the return to his/her country of origin or for the transit to a third country;
  • who has a comprehensive healthcare insurance or sufficient financial resources for healthcare services;
  • who is not subject to expulsion or exclusion, he/she is not considered to represent a threat affecting public policy, public safety, national safety, or public health of Hungary;
  • for whom an alert has not been issued in the SIS for the purposes of refusing entry and residence; and
  • who has reported the address of his/her accommodation in the territory of Hungary to the Hungarian authorities.


Hungarian authorities*

Accra, Ghana for nationals of Ghana

Delhi, India for nationals of  India, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Maldives, Nepal and Sri Lanka

Tehran, Iran for nationals of Iran

Tripoli, Lybia for nationals of Lybia

Abuja, Nigeria for nationals of Nigeria, Benin and Cameroon

Islamabad, Pakistan for nationals of Pakistan

Ankara, Turkey for nationals of Turkey

Asztana, Kazahstan for nationals of Kazahstan

Nairobi, Kenya – for nationals of Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Somalia, Democratic Republic of Kongo, Comoro Islands and the Republic of Seychelles

Kijev, Ukrajna for nationals of Ukrajna

For the list of necessary documents to be submitted for your visa application, please contact the local representative of WBS or the school directly.

*Please send us an e-mail if the link of the relevant consular section is missing. 

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