A letter from International Student Office

Let us introduce the International Student Office of Wekerle Business School (WBS):

Our institution is proud of its professional work in which cultural differences are not only handled in a successful way but in which these differences are considered to be opportunities which enable students to learn to cope with any economic situation in any part of the world.

From the very first moment of your initial enquiry it is the International Student Office you will be in contact with: we will guide you through your registration and school application process, will provide you with Legal Assistance in your visa process, and upon arrival will help you arrange for airport transfer as well as find accommodation that meets your requirements.

It is also the International Student Office where your first school–related ‘adventure’ in Hungary will lead to, and where you will be informed on how to avail yourself of students’ transport and other benefits (by obtaining a student card), how to settle your issues with the Hungarian authorities, and what documents you will need for all that.

In addition, feel free to turn to us if you need help with compiling your timetable, assessing the teaching material or receiving information on school events and important dates.

What is more, we arrange students into small classes so that the tutors can consider their individual needs, and the regular communication between the staff and the tutors on the basis of student-feedback ensures that you receive the highest-quality education.

You can also count on us to remind you of your tasks before the deadlines expire, as it is of our mutual interest to enable you to earn the best possible marks and to complete your chosen programme within the scheduled time period.

Finally, we carefully design your graduation ceremony to guarantee the most solemn settings for you to receive your final certificate amongst your beloved relatives and friends.

You are welcome, just feel free to contact us.

Best regards,

the Staff of the International Student Office at WBS


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  •  H-1083 Budapest, Jázmin utca 10.

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